More than 400 cities served

The chef will offer you a travel package according to your situation.

Up to 112 miles around Aix (13100)

Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, La Ciotat, Toulon, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Montpellier, Bandol…

From 3 to 8 hours of lessons

The duration will depend of the selected recipes. Please let the Chef know your availability for the workshop.

Duration adapted to your availability

The average duration of a workshop is about 4 hours.

Decreasing Costs

Workshops are possible from one participant. Nevertheless, the price will be decreasing according to the number of participants.

Up to 20 participants

The more you are, the lower the price per person.

The in-home cooking class is an even more exciting experience than a cooking lesson in group at the workshop.

With the In-Home Cooking class, we are here on a completely different approach. You will be in an even more relaxed atmosphere than at a workshop. The Chef will take the necessary time to explain each gesture, each technique. You can take breaks if you wish; You can also enjoy the workshop with your friends around a good glass of wine.

The home cooking workshop is the most recommended solution to learn new recipes without stress, alone or with friends, family.

Take time to enjoy yourself, to escape from everyday life. It’s not just a class. It is a playful activity punctuated by the cheerfulness of the chef.

Why choose Chef Clément for your Cooking Class in Provence :

  • Classes are possible from Monday to Sunday
  • The recipes are adapted to all levels
  • Clément is available after the workshop if you have any problem to redo the recipes

  • These are not gastronomic recipes. You can do this again once in your home.

  • 70% of Chef Clément’s students are French. Before offering workshops in English, he became N ° 1 with a French clientele.